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Portable Media Solutions: Video Format Converter

Looking for a quality video converter to help solve media compatibility issues is a growing need, as portable devices continually become the entertainment hub of our lives. From cell phones, to tablets, to smart TV's, the devices we use deliver a rich media experience utilizing the Internet. Video converter software is used for a variety of applications ranging from uploading video to social networks, or simply compressing a file down into a manageable size. Even if you have no experience using a video converter, most applications are user friendly and will have you executing video conversion like a pro in no time.

The Reasons to Convert Video

There is a list of reasons to convert video. Some of the most common ones are:
- DVD transferring and shrinking to a portable device. Video conversion is required in order to change video formats to a smaller, compressed file.
- Various video format conversion to MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, ACC, MOV, MP3, WEBM and others.
- Software compatibility. Some applications can only handle video and audio in certain formats. A video converter effectively changes media to whichever file type needed.
- Video and audio separation. Especially for downloaded music videos from the web, video file converter software can change the media to manageable MP3 format ready for a portable music device.
- Streaming video capture. Many video file converter programs can effectively capture streaming media from the Internet into whatever file format is the most convenient for later viewing.
- These are all popular features of the best video converter programs online. With these, you can approach media conversion without hassle.

Why are different media formats needed?

The bottom line of any video format converter is to change the compatibility of media to match the system requirements of software, players, and hardware. For example, the video contained on a DVD has been compressed into a particular format that maximizes the space available on the disc. Over time, however, video formats are replaced with newer ones that do a much better job of preserving the same quality as before, but using much less memory to do so.

For example, MP4 format is an extremely popular choice for smart phones and portable media devices because it can compress video from larger formats like AVI down into smaller sizes that don't hog up disc space while preserving quality at the same time. This means that more media can be contained at a time on a single device than what would normally be possible otherwise.

Broadcast Quality vs. RAW

The type of media that we are used to seeing and hearing in many cases has been recorded utilizing formats that do not attempt to compress signal. This creates video and audio files that are the highest quality possible. The only problem with this is that uncompressed, or RAW files, take up incredible amounts of memory and cannot be effectively distributed into the marketplace in this form. Instead, final products are compressed down into much smaller units, like Blu-ray for example, so that they can be enjoyed in High Fidelity and High Definition (HD).

File Conversion Software Rules to Remember

When using conversion software, it is important to remember that once a media file has been converted to a new file format and quality, this process cannot be reversed. The resulting file quality cannot be improved, even if you decide to convert it back to the original file format. Remember these two things:
- File format can always be changed back and forth.
- File compression cannot be reversed.
- If by chance you accidentally choose the incorrect quality setting, simply revert back to the original file to begin a new conversion with the correct compression settings in place. This will effectively maximize your experience with video converters and deliver that best quality media to all of your favorite devices.