RichMediaSystems software licensing:

All and any software products that come out on behalf of RichMediaSystems with trial versions allow end-users to evaluate the software in the preliminary order before making a purchase.

Trial versions have time-bound scope limitations and usually are devoid of some features after trial period expires.

Tentative trial period starts when the trial version of the product is used for the first time.

All and any software products that come out on behalf of RichMediaSystems come with a 7-day trial period.

Some products may have certain limitations regarding their features when running in trial mode.

Upon registering product that has been previously running in trial mode and thus obtaining a valid license key - all trial version limitations are removed.

License keys:

  • License keys for RicheMediaSystems software products are to be purchased directly from our purchasing site;
  • Should you lose track of your license key please contact RichMediaSystems technical support services at support@richmediasystems.com;

Software Upgrades Policy:

RichMediaSystems provides free-of-charge silent or optional updates and upgrades at its own discretion. Once the product has been purchases, updates and upgrades are not paid-for.

Related Information:

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Should you have any questions or issues regarding RichMediaSystems purchase, please contact us at support@richmediasystems.com